Be an Activist!

What can one person do to help our collective future? Don't be cynical. Be active. Here are some WWW sites I've discovered for people who want to make a difference. (As mentioned by CNN...)
Activism Right Here, Right Now
  1. *** Links to check every day ***
  2. Activists Resource Network
  3. AIDS - America Responds
  4. All the Latest News (provided by Global Commerce Link)
  5. Budget Revolution Bulletin Board (by Gian Trotta at Pathfinder)
  6. Budget Simulation at Berkeley
  7. Capitol Steps (entertaining political commentary through song)
  8. Child Cyber Search
  9. Common Dreams - building a better future
  10. Contract with my Grandchildren
  11. CQ's American Voter 96
  12. Democracy Net
  13. Earth Day
  14. Free Market
  15. Generation X Links
  16. Harvest Information Discovery and Access System
  17. How Did Your Senators and Representatives Vote?
  18. Lead... or Leave
  19. Leadership into the Future
  20. Librarian's Guide to the Best Information on the Internet
  21. Main Quad resources for college students - see Fired Up
  22. Meta-index for Non-Profit Organizations by Ellen Spertus
  23. Milarepa Fund
  24. Mother Jones has a comprehensive Web guide to the 1996 Elections
  25. National Center for Missing and Exploited Children - see also Nation's Missing Children Organization
  26. National Deficit/ Debt Feedback Form by Gene Greer; see also his National Debt and Entitlements pages
  27. New Agenda by Richard Lamm
  28. Pinpoint yourself Politically
  29. Political Participation Project (part of the MIT Intelligent Information Infrastructure Project)
  30. Political Site of the Day
  31. Politics USA - daily politics fix
  32. Register to Vote - Rock the Vote
  33. Russia's Friends and Partners
  34. Stump political analysis
  35. Synergy Solutions
  36. The Survivor's Voice not-for-profit, voter action web site for survivors of child abuse/assault and their supporters, activists, and advocates
  37. Third Millenium
  38. This Modern World (cartoon by Tom Tomorrow, available at the Well)
  39. Today's News (through CNN and UMD's gopher search)
  40. UNABOM FBI Task Force Press Release
  41. WebOvision - media links around the world
  42. What's New in Activism Online
  43. Yahoo's Current Events Summary
  44. Young Americans 96
  45. YPN NetVote - follow the 1996 campaign

Canonical Starting Points
  1. Activist's Oasis (Practical Tools for Troublemakers, lots o links)
  2. All Things Political
  3. Berkeley Directory of Political Sites
  4. Charlotte's WWWeb (excellent, includes California Issues)
  5. Cities: try USA Citylink and Citynet
  6. Citizens' Guide to the Net
  7. Civic Networking and Grass Roots (the camel's nose under the government's tents)
  8. EFF Activism and Government Archive
  9. Emily's Page of social, political, and environmental Links
  10. Einet Galaxy Directory of government and politics
  11. Environment Virtual Library
  12. Fedworld
  13. Freenets home page
  14. GNN Directory for Government
  15. GovAccess Bulletins Gopher archive (by Jim Warren; put California online!)
  16. Government Information Resources at UCR
  17. Government Links from the Underground (by Justin Hall)
  18. Leftist and Progressive Internet Resource Directory by Jay Moore
  19. Links for those with Conscience and Consciousness (by Artitude)
  20. Murple Web's Politics page
  21. National Polticial Index
  22. Nonprofit Organizations on the Internet (compiled by Ellen Spertus; check out the version with pictures)
  23. Nonprofit Other Directories on the Web (compiled by Ellen Spertus)<
  24. Political Forum
  25. Political Participation Project (part of the MIT Intelligent Information Infrastructure Project)
  26. Politics on the Net (we're on page 93, bay bee!)
  27. Politics on the Web by the Mississippi State CRs
  28. Progressive Pages (was: Left Side of the Web)
  29. Right Side of the Web
  30. Searchable database by C. Joe Holmes
  31. Student Government Home Pages
  32. Ultimate Political Resources Links by Steve Ertelt
  33. U.S. Federal Government Servers List
  34. Yahoo Politics Page

Freedoms, Rights, and Just Causes
  1. ACA: American Communication Association (Communications Policies)
  2. ACLU: American Civil Liberties Union
  3. Adbusters - the counterculture
  4. Adoption Network
  5. Alpha Phi Omega National Service Fraternity
  6. American Library Association Intellectual Freedom Committee
  7. Amnesty International
  8. Artitude's Links for those with a Conscience and Consciousness
  9. Association of American Public Television Stations
  10. Banned Books Online
  11. CAM: Computerized AIDS Ministries (for HIV/AIDS information, education and support)
  12. Cannabis Action Network
  13. Cannibis Activists Connection Collection
  14. CARAL: California Abortion and Reproductive Rights Action League-North
  15. Catt's Claws feminist newsletter
  16. CCA: College Conservatives Association
  17. Censorship Archive at the File Room in Chicago
  18. Center to Prevent Handgun Violence
  19. Children Now
  20. Children's Defense Fund
  21. Coalition to Reform Money
  22. College Republican WarRoom
  23. Common Cause Texas (a nonpartisan citizens' lobbying organization that works to make government more honest, open and accountable; stresses the need for people to get involved and "Hold Power Accountable".)
  24. Community Services Network
  25. Concord Coalition (a nonprofit, nonpartisan grass roots organization which works to educate voters about the evils of deficit spending in order to preserve our economy and the American dream for our children and grandchildren)
  26. Conservative Site of the Day
  27. Constitutional Action Party
  28. Contact Center guide to community service and charities on the Web
  29. COOL
  30. Covington's Homeless Photos
  31. Democratic Party National Committee
  32. Democratic Socialists of America
  33. Digital Democratic Party
  34. Disability Rights Activist
  35. EarthWeb
  36. EcoWeb
  37. Enough anti-consumerism campaign
  38. EnviroLink
  39. Environmental Scorecard
  40. Environment, Ecology, and Biology (care of Wendee's World)
  41. EPA: Environmental Protection Agency
  42. ETD: Environment Technology Development
  43. Eureka's Homeless
  44. FAIR: Federation for American Immigration Reform
  45. FAIR: Fairness and Accuracy In Reporting
  46. FAIR Governing - federal agency integrity requirement for governing
  47. Families Against Mandatory Minimums (mirror)
  48. Feminist Activist Resources on the Net (also Feminism ftp Directory)
  49. Feminist Majority Online
  50. Food for the Hungry, International
  51. Freedom Forum (from Nando Net)
  52. Freedom of Information Act
  53. Friends of the Earth
  54. Friend of the Future
  55. GayWeb
  56. GOP Online - US Republican Party Information
  57. Govaccess
  58. Grass Root Organizations
  59. Grassroots World Government
  60. Green Party
  61. Greenpeace
  62. HungerWeb
  63. Illinois May Have Executed an Innocent Man
  64. Immigration Forum
  65. Impact Online (hosts many nonprofits and is one, too; also offers information about volunteer opportunities nationwide, has an internet course for nonprofits that want to use online technology and even offer information on social issues such as homelessness and public education)
  66. Independence Platform for Reform
  67. INFACT
  68. Institute for First Amendment Studies
  69. League of Conservation Voters
  70. League of Women Voters - Voter Information
  71. Left Links by DSAUSA
  72. Libertarian Party - National Info Service
  73. Libertarian Party (or check out those cool MIT Libertarians, UMD, or Index of College Libertarian Clubs pages)
  74. Liberty and Better World via WizarDave
  75. Liberty - past, present, and future
  76. LifeLinks (Pro-Life information)
  77. Marijuana Policy Project
  78. McSpotlight
  79. Men's Issues
  80. MESH's Environment Links
  81. National Child Rights Alliance
  82. New Party
  83. NOW: National Organization for Women
  84. NPR: National Public Radio
  85. NRA: National Rifle Association (want to be a member, like 3.5 million others?)
  86. Outrider - helping the homeless help themselves
  87. Oxfam Bridgehead / Oxfam America Trading (Providing artisans and small farmers from the developing world with markets for their goods where they can receive fair prices for their products)
  88. PBI: Peace Brigades International - making space for peace
  89. Prison-Related Links
  90. Privacy Issues (hosted by
  91. Pro-Life Ultimate Resource List
  92. Project Censored
  93. Queer Cyberspace Elsewhere
  94. Queer Infoservers
  95. Queer Resources Directory
  96. Rainforest Action Network
  97. Right to Keep and Bear Arms (and from eclipse and karl and scotto)
  98. Rise of the militias
  99. Root and Branch Collective - radical pacifism
  100. Rush Limbaugh Debates Reality, or does he ?
  101. Safer Sex Page
  102. SEA: Society for Electronic Access
  103. SEAC: Student Environmental Action Coalition
  104. Secession and Independence Movements
  105. StatusQuo - including the Rape Poster Project and Guilty Until Proven Wealthy
  106. Stop Nuclear Testing
  107. Stop Prisoner Rape
  108. The New Liberal
  109. Turn Left, a clearinghouse for liberal activists
  110. Voter Information Services
  111. War on Homelessness
  112. Women Resources on the Web compiled by the cool Dave Siegel
  113. Working Assets long distance with a conscience
  114. World Neighbors to eliminate hunger, disease and poverty
  115. Yellow Ribbon

International Organizations
  1. Amnesty International
  2. Food for the Hungry, International
  3. Greenpeace International (Amsterdam)
  4. IGC: Institute for Global Communications
  5. ISIL: International Society for Individual Liberty
  6. SACIS International Affairs Resources - United Nations
  7. United Nations
  8. United Nations gopher
  9. World Home Page

Knowledge Can Be Dangerous
  1. Atomic Bombs: History and How-to
  2. Coombs Web of Social Sciences, Humanities, and Asian Studies
  3. Intelligence Watch Report (daily spook updates)
  4. MIT's Guide to Lockpicking
  5. World Factbook 1994

  1. Ackerson Law Library at Rutgers University
  2. American Bar Association
  3. California Motor Vehicle Codes
  4. Copyright Act of the US
  5. Copyright Law
  6. Cyberspace Law for Nonlawyers
  7. FindLaw Internet Legal Services
  8. Gateway to World History
  9. Hill's Legal Resource Links
  10. International Trade Law (Ananse)
  11. Internet Law Hypercourse at UMass
  12. Intersof's Law Links
  13. Law School Internet Sites
  14. Law Student Web
  15. 'Lectric Law Library
  16. Legal Information Institute at Cornell (also see here)
  17. Legal Reference Page
  18. Legal ResearchNet
  19. Patent Law Primer from WIRED
  20. Pilot Online Law Page
  21. Sir Lou's Law Page
  22. Supreme Court Decisions
  23. The Real First Amendment
  24. USC Law Center and Law Library (Federal AND California stuff)
  25. Use of the Internet by Lawyers
  26. Usenet and the Law
  27. Villanova Information Law Chronicle
  28. Web Journal of Current Legal Issues
  29. West's Legal Directory
  30. Yahoo Law Links

  1. Counter Revolutionary Page
  2. Communications for a Sustainable Future
  3. Community Networking gopher
  4. Moscow Libertarium Project
  5. Political Scientist's Guide to the Internet
  6. Oceania, a utopia without the mytopia
  7. Society of Professional Journalists and National Press Club
  8. Scientific Selection of Candidates
  9. Survey of Community Networks
  10. White Water Scandal

  1. alt.dear.whitehouse
  4. alt.politics.usa.constitution
  5. alt.politics.usa.misc

Ordinary People
  1. Roger Hedgecock
  2. Thomas Jefferson (excellent! - and don't forget to check out One if by Congress, Two if by White House, a page dedicated to Jeffersonian conservatism)
  3. Rush Limbaugh (and another, and his 35 Undeniable Truths)
  4. Richard M. Nixon Memorial
  5. Lieutenant Colonel Oliver North, USMC, ret.
  6. Dan Quayle
  7. Ronald Reagan
  8. Ronald Reagan Library

  1. Addresses by US Presidents
  2. alt.activism ftp archives (maintained by Rich Winkel)
  3. American Information Network
  4. Banned Books Online
  5. Bill of Rights to the U.S. Constitution
  6. Channel Zero quarterly guerrilla videozine which seeks to blow holes in the global media and corporate monopolies that currently dictate our reality of systemic consumption and greed
  7. Citizens' Guide to the Net
  8. Civil Disobedience, Henry David Thoreau
  9. Classic Literature and Political Documents (MIT or Indiana)
  10. Common Sense, Thomas Paine
  11. Constitution of the United States (or try this mirror, or this mirror)
  12. Contra Mundum journal of opinion and analysis
  13. Declaration of Independence of the United States (or try this mirror)
  14. Declaration of the Rights of Man (France, 1789)
  15. Defrauding America, by Rodney Stich
  16. Electronic Newstand (has many valuable magazine publications, including Reason Magazine and The Skeptical Inquirer)
  17. Federalist Papers (long)
  18. Firearms files from Jeff Chan
  19. Gettysburg Address
  20. Historical Documents
  21. Holocaust FAQs from the Usenet
  22. I Have a Dream, Martin Luther King Jr.
  23. Internet Wiretap - Online Books and Library
  24. Liberty or Death (1775), Patrick Henry
  25. Legislate Gopher
  26. Liberty Documents, Anarcho-Capitalism
  27. Library of Congress
  28. John Locke's Second Treatise
  29. Machiavelli's The Prince
  30. Magna Carta
  31. Mother Jones Independent-Thinkers On-Line Magazine
  32. National Review
  33. New Paradigms Project
  34. New Republic magazine
  35. Objectivism Philosophy
  36. On Liberty, John Stuart Mill
  37. Psycheocracy, the Scientific Selection of Candidates
  38. Readings in Philosophy and Theology of Nations, Peoples, and Government
  39. Social Contract (on immigration)
  40. Soviet Archives at the Library of Congress (at SunSITE)
  41. Time Magazine's Election '94 and Washington
  42. U.S. Government Hypertext Documents (at SunSITE)
  43. George Washington's Farewell Address
  44. Wiretap's Current Government Documents

  1. APT: Alliance for Public Technology
  2. Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists, home of the Doomsday Clock
  3. CDA Decision
  4. Center for Democracy and Technology
  5. Citizens Internet Empowerment Coalition
  6. Clipper Chip Archive at WIRED
  7. Communications Decency Act
  8. Communications Policy Project of the Benton Foundation
  9. Computer-Mediated Communication Studies Center (and check out their cool magazine)
  10. CPSR: Computer Professionals for Social Responsibility (foil that clipper chip!)
  11. Cryptography
  12. Crypto Export Control Archives at EFF (also at Cygnus)
  13. Cyberlaw and Cyberlex World Wide
  14. Cyberspace Law for Nonlawyers
  15. Cyberspace Law Institute
  16. Cyberspace Report
  17. CyberWire Dispatch
  18. Cypherpunks Page at Berkeley (also at CPSR)
  19. Defense Fund for David LaMacchia
  20. Domain Names and Trademarks
  21. DTIC: Defense Technical Information Center
  22. EFF: Electronic Frontier Foundation
  23. E-Law by David Loundy
  24. Electronic Democracy Information Network (gopher at Berkeley)
  25. EPIC: Electronic Privacy Information Center
  26. Harvard Journal of Law and Technology
  27. IHAC: Information Highway Advisory Council
  28. Information Activism by Gordon Irlam
  29. Information Infrastructure Task Force
  30. Internet Censorship
  31. Internet Engineering Task Force
  32. Internet Law Hypercourse at UMass
  33. ISI Internet Notes
  34. Journal of Online Law
  35. Key server at MIT (directs you to the Latest Version of PGP without the copyright infringement problems, but you'll have to go through ftp and telnet as per the README to keep the Feds happy)
  36. League for Programming Freedom (also at MIT)
  37. Netwatchers Cyberzine
  38. NSS: National Space Society (should we return to the moon?)
  39. NTIA and Freedom of Information
  40. Office of Technology Assessment
  41. PC Week Online Highlights (stop Congress from killing the Internet)
  42. People and the Governments in the Information Age
  43. PGP: Pretty Good Privacy Public Key Cryptosystem Version 2.6
  44. Quadralay Cryptography Archive
  45. Questioning Technology by Frank Beacham
  46. Security-related Net Pointers
  47. SEA: Society for Electronic Access (civil liberties in cyberspace)
  48. Sign the petition to oppose Senate bill S 314 and keep the government's Hands off the Net! (stop the Communications Decency Act of 1995)
  49. Space Activism Home Page (or see SPACEHAB)
  50. Telecommunications Policy
  51. Zimmerman Legal Defense Fund

United States and its Government
  1. *** Federal Web Locator ***
  2. American Political Science Association Gopher
  3. American Politics Gopher
  4. Budget of the US Government, 1996
  5. California Election Results
  6. California Electronic Government Information FAQ
  7. California Secretary of State's Gopher Site
  8. CapWeb - Guide to Congress
  9. Center for Disease Control
  10. Central Intelligence Agency (CIA)
  11. Citizens' Guide to the Net
  12. Clinton Watch (and not exactly nice)
  13. Congress Email Addresses
  14. Congress gophers
  15. Congressional Quarterly gopher site
  16. Constitution of the United States
  17. C-SPAN (the government monitoring cable station)
  18. Declaration of Independence of the United States
  19. Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee (from the Campaign Trail)
  20. Entitlement Reform Commission, a "bi-partisan" federal government commisssion has lots of facts on entitlement problems, with a Budget Game that can be played on a PC with Lotus where you solve the budget crisis.
  21. EPA: Environmental Protection Agency
  22. FBI: Federal Bureau of Investigation
  23. FCC: Federal Communications Commission
  24. Federal Government Info on the Internet from A to Z
  25. Federal Government (lots of info maintained by the Library of Congress)
  26. FedStats - one stop shopping for federal statistics
  27. FinanceNet - innovate and optimize the way governments manage and account for taxpayer resources
  28. Forecast (monthly journal of law and public policy)
  29. GAO: General Accounting Office of the U.S. government
  30. Gingrich Watch: What's Newt (also check out Newtwatch)
  31. GOP Contract With America
  32. Government gophers
  33. GPO Federal Information Search WAIS (at Purdue)
  34. How Your Representatives Have Been Voting
  35. Information Infrastructure Task Force
  36. Internet Wiretap - Government Information (such as Congressional Contacts and Committee Memberships and Current Presidential Documents like Executive Orders, etc.)
  37. IRS
  38. National Archives of historic and other information
  39. Library of Congress (and see here)
  40. Military History of the U.S.
  41. National Performance Review
  42. National Criminal Justice Reference Service BBS
  43. Office of Senator Barbara Boxer
  44. Office of Senator Edward Kennedy
  45. Office of Senator Patrick Leahy
  46. Office of the Secretary of Defense
  47. Policy Net - Campaigns, Publications and Alerts
  48. POPClock Projection of the U.S. Population
  49. Project Vote Smart political database gopher (info on members of Congress, political candidates, and other legislators)
  50. Social Security Administration
  51. Taxing Times (more tax info than you ever wanted to know)
  52. Thomas: Legislative Information on the Internet (about the House and Senate)
  53. U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
  54. U.S. Census Bureau
  55. U.S. Department of Agriculture
  56. U.S. Department Of Commerce
  57. U.S. Department Of Energy (and check out the gopher, and the Environment, Safety and Health page)
  58. U.S. Federal Government Servers - Master List
  59. U.S. Government Hypertext Documents (at SunSITE)
  60. U.S. Government Resources
  61. U.S. House of Representatives
  62. U.S. House of Representatives gopher
  63. U.S. National Archives
  64. U.S. Navy
  65. U.S. Postal Service
  66. U.S. Senate gopher (also check the U.S. Senate Server)
  67. U.S. Supreme Court and its decisions, from Cornell's Legal Information Institute
  68. Veterans Affairs Department
  69. Webcorp's Wheel o' Congress
  70. What's in those Wharehouses?
  71. White House (or East Mirror or West Mirror)
  72. White House documents
  73. White House Briefing Room
  74. White House ftp server
  75. White House Electronic Access FAQ
  76. Wiretap's Current Government Documents

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