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Table of contents:

  1. MusicBlvd Deparments
  2. Music: Techno, Industrial, and Electronic
  3. Music: Swing, Ska, and Lounge
  4. Music: Punk and Rock
  5. Music: Pop
  6. How to Link to Music
  7. KUCI / Joebar / Adam / Adam's Top 60 / Music Links

MusicBlvd Departments

  1. MTV CD Lounge
  2. VH1 Sound Shop
  3. Popular Music
    1. Billboard Top 30 Chart
    2. On-Sale Page
    3. New Releases
  4. Classical
    1. Billboard Top Classical Chart
    2. Classical On-Sale Page
    3. Classical New Releases
  5. Jazz
    1. Billboard Top Jazz Chart
    2. On-Sale Page
    3. New Releases
  6. Country
    1. Billboard Top Country Chart
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    3. New Releases
  7. Other Music
    1. Billboard Top World Music Chart
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  8. Newsstand

Music: Techno, Industrial, and Electronic

In the words of Rohit, "my craving grows ever insatiable, I MUST HAVE MORE LOUD, REPETITIVE, SYNTHETIC TECHNO!!"

  1. Aphex Twin
  2. David Bowie
    1. Changesbowie (adam)
    2. Earthling (adam)
  3. Cabaret Voltaire
    1. Plasticity (joebar)
    2. Red Mecca (joebar)
  4. Chemical Brothers
  5. Future Sound of London
  6. Garbage
  7. Global Communication
  8. Gravity Kills
    1. Gravity Kills (adam)
    2. Manipulated (joebar)
  9. Joy Division (tbyars)
  10. Kraftwerk
  11. Moby
  12. New Order
    1. Best of New Order (adam)
    2. Brotherhood (adam)
    3. Power, Corruption, and Lies (adam)
    4. Republic (adam)
    5. Substance (adam)
  13. Nine Inch Nails
    1. Downward Spiral (adam)
    2. Pretty Hate Machine (adam)
  14. Orb
    1. Adventures Beyond the Ultraworld (elwood, ejw, charles, rohit; listen to Little Fluffy Clouds)
    2. Orblivion (ejw)
    3. UFOrb (ejw, rohit, charles)
  15. Orbital (rohit)
  16. Pi - the Soundtrack (tbyars)
  17. Pink Floyd
    1. Dark Side of the Moon (adam)
    2. The Wall (adam)
    3. Wish You Were Here (adam)
  18. Seefeel
  19. Skinny Puppy
    1. Bites (joebar)
    2. Remission (joebar)
  20. Sneaker Pimps (tbyars)
  21. Throbbing Gristle (joebar, who also recommends what they split into, namely Chris & Cosey and Psychic TV)
  22. Underworld (tbyars)
  23. Wire
  24. Anything on Moonshine, Hard Hop, and Trypno Vol 1 & 2. (tbyars)

Music: Swing, Ska, and Lounge

  1. Joey Altruda
    1. Cocktails with Joey (mike)
    2. Kingston Cocktail (mike)
  2. Big Bad Voodoo Daddy
  3. Cherry Poppin' Daddies
  4. Hepcat
  5. Jump With Joey
  6. Royal Crown Revue
    1. Caught in the Act (mike)
    2. Mugzy's Move (mike, adam)
  7. Slackers
  8. Specials
    1. Dawning of a New Era by the Coventry Automatics (mike)
    2. Guilty 'Till Proved Innocent (mike)
    3. More Specials (adam)
    4. Singles Collection (adam)
    5. Specials (adam)
  9. Squirrel Nut Zippers
  10. Swingers Soundtrack (rohit, adam)

Music: Punk and Rock

  1. Beck
    1. Mellow Gold (joebar)
    2. Odelay! (tbyars, joebar, adam)
  2. Clash
    1. London Calling (adam)
    2. Story of the Clash (adam)
  3. Green Day
    1. Dookie (adam)
    2. Insomniac (adam)
    3. Kerplunk (adam)
    4. Nimrod. (adam)
    5. 1039 Smoothed Out Happy Hours (adam)
  4. Metallica
    1. And Justice for All (dcrook, adam, rob)
    2. Kill Em All (dcrook, adam, rob)
    3. Load (adam, rob)
    4. Master of Puppets (dcrook, adam, rob)
    5. Metallica (adam, rob)
    6. Reload (adam)
    7. Ride the Lightning (adam, tbyars, rob)
  5. Nirvana
    1. In Utero (adam)
    2. Nevermind (adam, joebar)
  6. Offspring
  7. Radiohead
    1. The Bends (adam)
    2. OK Computer (adam)
  8. Rancid
  9. REM
    1. Automatic for the People (adam)
    2. Document (adam)
    3. Eponymous (adam)
    4. Green (adam)
    5. Monster (adam)
    6. Murmur (adam)
    7. New Adventures in Hi Fi (adam)
    8. Out of Time (adam)
    9. Reckoning (adam)
  10. Sex Pistols
    1. Filthy Lucre Live (tbyars)
    2. Never Mind the Bollocks... (tbyars, joebar, adam)
  11. U2
    1. Achtung, Baby (rob, adam)
    2. Joshua Tree (rob, adam)
    3. Pop (adam)
    4. Rattle and Hum (adam)
    5. Unforgettable Fire (adam)
    6. War (adam)
    7. Zooropa (rob, adam)

Music: Pop

  1. Beatles (pop rock)
    1. Abbey Road (adam)
    2. Let It Be (adam)
    3. Magical Mystery Tour (adam)
    4. Revolver (adam)
    5. Rubber Soul (adam)
    6. Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band (adam)
    7. White Album (adam)
  2. Andrea Bocelli (opera)
    1. Aria - The Opera Album (rob)
    2. Con Te Partiro (rob)
    3. Romanza (rob)
  3. Tracy Chapman (folk rock)
    1. New Beginning (adam)
    2. Tracy Chapman (adam)
  4. Holly Cole Trio (jazz)
    1. Don't Smoke in Bed (janie, lisa)
    2. Temptation (janie, lisa)
  5. Shawn Colvin (folk rock)
    1. Fat City (adam)
    2. A Few Small Repairs (adam)
  6. Sheryl Crow (folk rock)
    1. Sheryl Crow (adam)
    2. Tuesday Evening Music Club (adam)
  7. Dead Can Dance (world music)
    1. Into the Labyrinth (janie)
    2. Spiritchaser (janie)
  8. Enigma (gregorian chant)
  9. Eve's Plum (adam, when I get around to posting their albums)
  10. Fleetwood Mac (classic pop)
  11. Ben Folds Five (piano rock)
    1. Ben Folds Five (adam)
    2. Whatever and Ever Amen (adam)
  12. Don Henley (classic pop)
    1. Building the Perfect Beast (adam)
    2. End of the Innocence (adam)
  13. John Hiatt (folk rock)
    1. Little Head (klassa)
    2. Walk On (adam)
  14. James (pop rock)
    1. Best of James (adam)
    2. Laid (adam)
  15. Janet Jackson (R & B)
    1. Control (adam)
    2. Janet (adam)
    3. Rhythm Nation 1814 (adam)
    4. Velvet Rope (rohit, adam)
  16. Robert Earl Keen Jr. (humorous country rock)
  17. Letters to Cleo (adam, when I get around to posting their albums)
  18. Madonna (pop dance)
    1. Bedtime Stories (adam)
    2. Ray of Light (adam)
  19. Magnapop (adam, when I get around to posting their albums)
  20. Moog Cookbook (synthesizer satire pop)
    1. Moog Cookbook (andrew, adam)
    2. Ye Olde Space Bande (andrew, adam)
  21. Abra Moore (pop)
    1. Sing (adam)
    2. Strangest Places (adam)
  22. Henry Phillips (humorous folk rock)
  23. Paul Simon (pop rock)
    1. Graceland (adam)
    2. Songs from the Capeman (adam)
  24. Soundtracks
    1. The Simpsons: Songs in the Key of Springfield (adam)
    2. Swingers (rohit, adam)
  25. They Might Be Giants (humorous alt rock)
    1. Apollo 18 (adam)
    2. Factory Showroom (adam)
    3. Flood (adam)
    4. John Henry (adam)
    5. Lincoln (adam)
    6. They Might Be Giants (adam)
  26. Tragically Hip (pop rock)
    1. Day for Night (janie)
    2. Fully Completely (janie, adam)
    3. Road Apples (janie)
  27. Vanessa Mae (pop classical)
  28. Suzanne Vega (folk rock)
    1. Nine Objects of Desire (adam)
    2. 99.9 F (adam)
    3. Solitude Standing (adam)
  29. Velocity Girl (pop rock)
    1. Copacetic (reardon, adam)
    2. Gilded Stars and Zealous Hearts (reardon, adam)
    3. Simpatico, which for some reason MusicBlvd doesn't stock (reardon, adam)
    4. Velocity Girl EP (reardon, adam)
  30. the Verve (pop rock)
  31. XTC (pop rock)
    1. Nonsuch (adam)
    2. Oranges and Lemons (adam)
    3. Skylarking (adam)

How to Link to Music

To build a link to an artist's discography screen, use the following model:[artistIDnumber]

To find an artist ID number, you should search or surf Music Boulevard for a link to the artist's name. Pass your mouse over the link and record the multi-digit number that appears at the end of the URL (following _42_) which appears in the gray status bar at the bottom of your browser screen. Or alternately, click on the artist name link and record the multi-digit number at the end of the URL in your browser's location window. For example, James Taylor's artist ID is 69272. Thus, you should use as the link.

To build a link to an album information screen (which contains an album's track listing, performers, audio samples and/or links to album reviews), use the following model:[albumIDnumber]

To find an album ID, place your cursor over a link (or click on the link) for an album title listed in an artist's discography and record the multi-digit number that appears at the end of the URL (after _43_). For example, the album ID for James Taylor's Gorilla is 322993. Therefore, you should use, as the link to the album information screen.

To provide a quick link for your web site's visitors to purchase albums, you may wish to include price links for albums featured on your web site. Price links will allow visitors to click on one link and immediately arrive at the Music Boulevard Order screen, on which the CD they have selected will appear. To complete an order, the customer must then simply follow the ordering instructions presented on the form. (Remember, for every Music Boulevard order which originates from your RAM site, you earn a 5% commission!)

To create a price link which will lead directly to the Music Boulevard order form, use the following model:[albumpriceIDnumber]

To find an album's price I.D., search for the album title or performing artist and locate the CD and/or Cassette price links on the album information screen or artist discography. Pass your cursor over the link and record the multi-digit number at the end of the URL (after the _70_) that appears in your browser's status bar. This number represents the CD or Cassette price I.D.

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