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We've paved Paradise and put up a parking lot!!! We moved our Green Day page to Meanwhile, enjoy all these cool links...

Green Day Links


  3. Attack Of Insomnia
  4. Ben's Green Day page - info on bootlegs, RA tunes, MIDIs, AU files, and over 25 video clips
  5. Corner of Stuart and the Avenue
  6. Deutsche Green Day
  7. Do Da Da
  8. Green Day Bootleg Page
  9. Green Day Burnout Club - sends out a free ezine every 2 weeks
  10. Green Day Picture Archive
  11. Jesus Christ SuperMarket
  12. Luke's Green Day page
  13. Mason's Green Day page - discography, pictures, video clips, other cool stuff.
  14. No Pride... a Green Day page - sounds, pics, bootlegs
  15. Ozzzy's Green Day page - video, images, MIDI, and sound
  16. Ring of Green Day
  17. Sarah's Green Day page - pix, linx, lyrics, new tour dates, downloadable video clips
  18. Shaun's Green Day page
  19. Thiago's Green Day page
  20. 39/Smooth Forever
  21. 2000 Light Years Away - pics, MIDI, video, lyrics
  22. Unofficial Unauthorized Green Day Idiot Club by Aaron
  23. Yahoo

Green Day Fans

  1. Andrew Clute
  2. Cara DeCarlo
  3. Louis Kahn in San Francisco
  4. Joshua Pechter
  5. Adam Rifkin at Caltech

Other Bands that Green Day Fans Might Like

  1. Bad Religion
  2. Nirvana
  3. Pinhead Gunpowder
  4. Primus
  5. Queensryche
  6. Tilt

Useful Links

  1. Addicted to Noise Online Zine
  2. Firefly for suggestions - also see Webcom's Similarities Engine for more suggestions
  3. Music Links
  4. Rocktropolis
  5. World Wide Web of Music

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