"Wake me when you're done..."

A little charter-bashing session

NOTIFY BOF, IETF-42, Chicago, August 26, 1998


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Table of Contents

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NOTIFY BOF Charter-Bashing

NOTIFY: A Consensus Charter

NOTIFY Charter: In Scope

NOTIFY Charter: Out of Scope

NOTIFY Charter: Deliverables

NOTIFY Charter: Milestones

What are we really trying to achieve?

A 3-Layer Problem

What can we achieve, practically?

The Masinter 13

Real, Practical Constraints

What infrastructure do we take home?

PAGER: A Campaign Platform



Author: Rohit Khare

Email: rohit@uci.edu

Home Page: http://www.ics.uci.edu/~rohit/

NOTIFY charter draft: (text)

PAGER charter draft: (text)

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