The Evolution of

Internet-Scale Event Notification Services

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Table of Contents

Title Slide

The Evolution of Internet-Scale Event Notification Services

Goals of this Presentation

Who We Are

Past, Present, Future

The Evolution of Event Systems

Defining our terms

Things that go “notify” in the night:

Clustering by Application Context

Clustering by Notification Features

The Evolutionary March of Progress: New niches and widening range…

Exploring the Fossil Record

Application: Messaging

Systems: Messaging

Application: Presence

Systems: Presence

Application: Chat

Systems: Chat

Application: Simulation

Systems: Simulation

Application: Integration

Systems: Integration

Developing an Architectural Model

Field [Reiss90]

Polylith [Purtilo94]

EBI Framework [Barrett, et al 96]

C2 Style [Taylor, et al 96]

ISE Observation and Notification [Rosenblum, Wolf 97]

Framework [Rosenblum, Wolf 97]

Moving to the Lower Layer: The ENS Design Space

Our Taxonomy of ENS Design Space

Secondary Taxonomy Concerns

Past, Present, Future

Why Event-Based Integration won

New issues

Unaddressed issues

Past, Present, Future

The great thing about standards is...


Our Conclusions

“You can’t tell the players without a scorecard!”

“What are the design choices?”

“What’s new research here?”

“What’s going on in the market?”

“How can we select more principled designs?”

Recommendation: A Layered ISENS

For Further Information…

Authors: Adam Rifkin and Rohit Khare

Email: adam at xent dot com and

For more information, see:

About this presentation:
These slides accompanied our presentation to WISEN, July 13, 1998. See also the abstract.

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