"Mommy, what's an Event?"

Some event notification service background discussion

NOTIFY BOF, IETF-42, Chicago, August 26, 1998


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Table of Contents


Why Notifications Now?

WISEN Summary

Things That Go “NOTIFY” in the Night

Clustering by Application Context

Clustering by Notification Features

Strawman Definitions

Taxonomy of Design Decisions

Security Considerations

Scenario: Web Portfolio Manager

Imminent Notification Users

Notification Protocol Candidates

SMTP + List Addresses

NNTP + Newsgroups

HTTP + Callbacks

“Web Notifications” as a WG?

(Non-HTTP-Based) Notification Protocol Candidates

(Loosely-HTTP-Based) Notification Protocol Candidates

(HTTP-Based) Notification Protocol Candidates

Recommendation: A Layered Event Notification Service

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