Adam Rifkin: Reading and Writing

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  1. The Writers' Well at Hellskitchen
  2. Authorlink
  3. Computer Writing and Research Lab at UTexas
  4. Discourses on Writing by Crawford Kilian
  5. Dramatic Exchange
  6. Drew's Scripts-O-Rama, The Definitive Guide to Free Film Scripts On The Net
  7. Edifice of Writing and Literature
  8. Elements of Style
  9. Exploring English
  10. C.S. Fuqua and Friends
  11. Independent Filmmakers' Resources
  12. Internet Writer's Guideline Listing
  13. Internet Writers' Resource Guide
  14. Movie Mania!
  15. National Writing Project
  16. On-line Writing Lab at Purdue
  17. Poets and Writers Inc. online resource
  18. Reference Guide for Writers
  19. Screenwriters/Playwrights Page
  20. Videomaker's Camcorder and Desktop Video Site
  21. Writers Net - with a section on Literary Agents
  22. Writers Resources on the Web
    1. Inkspot
    2. Interlog
    3. Writing Resources


  1. New York Times Books
  2. A Word A Day - also send "help" subject to
  3. Amazon Books
  4. Martin Amis
  5. Anagram Generator
  6. Artbin (the classics)
  7. Isaac Asimov
  8. Atomic Books literary finds for mutated minds
  9. Jane Austen
  10. Banned Books Online
  11. Bartleby Library at Columbia University, Public Library of the Internet
  12. Beatniks
  13. Bible (for on-line spiritual support and cleansing of a bad conscience; see also Our Daily Bread)
  14. Bible Browser
  15. Book of Days by Book Stacks
  16. BookWeb
  17. William S. Burroughs
  18. Cafe Net
  19. Lewis Carroll's Alice Books / Alice
  20. Children's Literature Resources - also see the Inkspot
  21. Classics Archive
  22. Classic Literature and Political Documents (MIT or Indiana)
  23. S.T. Coleridge
  24. Columbia University Bartleby Library
  25. Computer Literacy Bookshops
  26. Megan Coughlin's book site
  27. Coupland File for Douglas Coupland
  28. Design Bibliography
  29. Devil's Dictionary (or html)
  30. Emily Dickinson
  31. Dr. Seussville
  32. Edifice of Writing and Literature
  33. Emily Dickinson
  34. Fiction Addiction
  35. Future Fantasy Bookstore
  36. Grand Inquisitor
  37. Gutenberg Project / Project Gutenberg/CMU
  38. Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy
  39. Douglas Hofstadter
  40. Human Languages
  41. Hunting of the Snark by Lewis Carroll
  42. Hypertext Fiction compiled at Rice University
  43. IBIC - Internet Book Information Center
  44. InterGO Library
  45. Internet Book Shop
  46. Internet Public Library
  47. It Was a Dark and Stormy Night
  48. Journalist Web Pages
  49. Library of Congress ( telnet there )
  50. Limerick Garden
  51. Literature of the Holocaust / FAQ 1 / FAQ 2
  52. Literature.Org
  53. Literature Webliography
  54. Nielsen Observer's Guide to WWW for Media Professionals
  55. Notebooks of Cosma Rhilla Shalizi - wow, this is incredible stuff!
  56. On-line Books Page (from CMU) (and Authors)
  57. On-line Book Project at STD
  58. Paquin's Book Page
  59. Dorothy Parker poems, care of Eppie
  60. PaulP's one-book List
  61. Robert Pirsig
  62. Poems of the Day
  63. Pooh Corner
  64. Powell's Technical Books
  65. Public Libraries on the Web
  66. Reader's Catalog -- 40,000 best books in print
  67. Rifkin's Reading List
  68. Rime of the Ancient Mariner by Samuel Taylor Coleridge
  69. Tom Robbins
  70. Shakespeare by any other name
  71. Shakespeare search engine
  72. Small Press Online Ordering Center
  73. Society of Professional Journalists and National Press Club
  74. Spam Haiku Archive
  75. Staceys Bookstore in San Francisco
  76. Tao De Ching by Lao Tze
  77. Telecosm by George Gilder
  78. Hunter S. Thompson
  79. J.R.R. Tolkien Information Page
  80. Twain. Mark Twain.
  81. Uncovered, by Richard Uberto
  82. Visits to Summer: A Christmas Story, by James Vincent Fusco, With RealAudio orchestral music, colorful artwork, and Thematic Links
  83. Vitanova - a most unorthodox vision on Homer, Confucius, Virgil, Averroes, Dante, Machiavelli, Shakespeare and De Goya
  84. Virtual English Language Center
  85. Voice of the Shuttle - humanities research
  86. Winnie the Pooh
  87. Word Wizard - a site about words, origin of words, quotes, origin of quotes, snappy insults, interactive word parties, etc.
  88. World-Wide Web Literature Virtual Library
  89. Writers Resources on the Web - also see the Inkspot and Writing Resources

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