Adam Rifkin: Research Projects

As a Computer Science grad student at Caltech, I have worked in the following projects:

  1. I am investigating for my PhD peer-to-peer application development using event-based integration and the Web. A component of this is a global event model for proving the correctness of distributed resource management systems; see my PhD Proposal summary.

  2. Compositional Systems, a research group of the Center for Research on Parallel Computation, working on Infospheres and Problem Solving Environments. Current work with the Infospheres Infrastructures using Java and the Internet, might give rise to my Ph.D. work.

  3. An analytic performance model for applications running on multicomputer architectures.
    (Master's Thesis work presently consuming my time; advisor: Mani Chandy).

  4. Consulting analyst, Roadrunner Technology in San Mateo, California, under Dr. Robert X. Cringely, The Man With The Plan. Prepared a presentation for Canon International, recommending strategies for the development and deployment of managed intelligent multifunction Internet devices and peripherals.

  5. Research interned in summer 1996 at Hewlett Packard Laboratories in Palo Alto, California, under Drs. Rajiv Gupta and Bill Rozas, Client Utility Systems Project. Designed and implemented an adaptive mobile World Wide Web robot using remote procedure calls over TCP/IP; prepared a preliminary investigation of mobile code issues in developing a kernel operating system.

  6. Consulted in summer 1995 for Bagrodia / Chandy Associates in Los Angeles. Helped prepare a manuscript on concurrent virtual machines for C3I, including research on the state-of-the-art in parallel and distributed architectures, operating systems, programming languages, paradigms, formal methods, object models, and compound document models.

  7. CRPC Caltech Summer Research Program in Parallel Computing for Woman and Minorities, as a helper/coordinator with JoAnn Boyd.

  8. Worked during summer 1994 at Griffiss Air Force Base in Rome, New York, near Utica, investigating software engineering tools for parallel programming with Milissa Benincasa and Carla Burns. This work was done at Rome Laboratory, working with the SUNY Institute of Technology in Utica, New York.

  9. The eText electronic textbook project, with Mani Chandy, and students Rohit Khare and Svetlana Kryukova. We will be integrating this work with Indiana University's CICA in a collaboration with Dennis Gannon.

  10. The parallel CC++, developed by Mani Chandy and Carl Kesselman, for which Paul Sivilotti and Peter Carlin constructed a stellar tutorial.

  11. My graduate advisor at the College of William and Mary was David Nicol and I worked with Joel Saltz during summer 1990 at ICASE and Dan Palumbo at NASA-Langley during summer 1992, in Hampton, Virginia.

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