A Wedding Toast Response

Adam Rifkin

Ladies and gentlemen... on behalf of my wife and my wife and myself, thank you for the gracious toast to our health and happiness. We appreciate your kind words and good wishes. I am indeed a luck man to have found Michelle to be my wife, and to have all of you here today to share our joy and happiness.

There are many people to whom we wish to express our thanks and gratitude. It is difficult to know just where to begin. But, I must mention our parents, without whom none of this would have been possible; our rabbi; our best man; our maid of honor; and our wedding party. You have helped us so much. Thank you for everything!

I want to express special gratitude to my parents for guiding me through the years. I wish to express my heartfelt thanks to my "new parents" for their help, and especially for having given me my lovely bride. I return the toast to all of you!

Adam Rifkin, Last modified: Thu Mar 12 15:58:14 PST 1998