Daily Affirmation

New Jersey Senator Bill Bradley once said, "Democracy is not a spectator sport." To show I agree, every now and then I will post a tidbit to this page, in the hopes of inspiring people in our generation to take an active role in our collective future. Click here to view Web sites I've collected for folks who want to be active.

December 9, 1994. Today I turned 25, and purchased Revolution X by Rob Nelson and Jon Cowan, co-founders of Lead... or Leave. I decided to make this Web page to do my part. We start with the 13 Challenges for the 13th Generation from Revolution X (see that book for comprehensive strategies toward these challenges):

  1. Create Good Jobs.
  2. Protect the Planet.
  3. Control Crime.
  4. Prevent AIDS.
  5. Reinvent Social Security.
  6. Design a Post-Cold War Military.
  7. Make Education Affordable.
  8. Give Equal Rights to Gays.
  9. Help End Homelessness.
  10. Guarantee Freedom of Choice.
  11. Trim America's Budget.
  12. Win Affordable Health Care.
  13. Reform Our Politics.

December, 1994. I've included the 100 harshest facts about our future (from Revolution X).

December 16, 1994. Bill Clinton proposed a $60 billion "cut" in taxes last night, and the Republicans in Congress want to "cut" taxes even more. Obviously we have not yet learned from the past. Where does the money to finance such tax cuts come from? That's right: money borrowed from the future earnings of America. Our future earnings! Angry yet?

January 1, 1995. Merry New Year, everyone! What will you do in 1995? Resolve to read two books that will change your outlook on our future:

January 4, 1995. So the 104th Congress started today. I wonder what the net effects will be. Meanwhile, check out some magazines.

January 16, 1995. In honor of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s birthday (observed), let's all promote an agenda of peace and goodwill. Today, I started putting on-line the 13 Challenges set forth by Lead... or Leave.

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