Adam Rifkin: Friends

  1. Start here: Friends JUMP POINT by Ron L. Scott, Crapweasel Supreme
  2. If you want info about friends email lists, please see the excellent Andy Williams' Friends Page
  3. Yahoo Friends pages
  4. Friends Page at NBC

  5. Arthur's Friends Quotes
  6. Brian's Friends Site
  7. Tiffany Clark's Ross and Rachel Page
  8. Emily's Friends Page
  9. Jeremy Falcone's Friends Page
  10. Carolyn Gregersen's TV GUIDE upcoming Friends appearances
  11. Internet TV Ratings
  12. Chuck Jordan's Friends Favorite Quotes
  13. Shelley Kennon's Friends Page
  14. Chris Kenworthy's Friends, Show-by-show
  15. Tony Kundmann's Friends Page
  16. Movie Madness has tees and merchandise for sale
  17. Ollie's UK Friends Web site
  18. Visnu Pitiyanuvath's Friends Page
  19. Adam Richardson's Tee Shirt FAQ
  20. Wes Reetz's Friends Page
  21. Reprise Records' Friends soundtrack
  22. Matthew Richardson's Friends Gallery
  23. Jason Rubenstein's Friends Page
  24. George Sarlas' Friends Page
  25. Dan Shernicoff's Friends Page
  26. Sherri Slotman's Not Another Friends Page
  27. Andy Sobryan's UK Friends Page - includes screensaver
  28. Andy Stevens' Friends Page
  29. Tarantino episode of Friends
  30. Brent Tucker's Screen Saver Page
  31. Tom Witelski's Friends Page
  32. John Wu's Friends Page
  33. Diet Coke / Friends website

  34. Germaine Adams' Phoebe Phan Club Home Page
  35. Jay Blackman's Courteney Cox Page
  36. David's Shrine to Jennifer Aniston
  37. Raymond DeJean's Jennifer Aniston Zone
  38. Matthew Dohn's Lisa Kudrow Fan Page
  39. Raymond Eng's Jennifer Aniston Page
  40. Victor Gajewski's Jennifer Aniston Page
  41. Steve Huff's Jennifer Aniston Picture Collection
  42. Heidi Anne Lerman's and Craig Duerr's Friends Zone DICtionary
  43. Lora's David Schwimmer Fan Page
  44. Matthew Perry Fan Page
  45. Rachel Stigge's David Schwimmer Dream Team

Links to Friends Fans (Crapweasels and Frienatics)

  1. Germaine Bello Adams
  2. Nadir Ait-Laoussine at U Michigan
  3. K.L. Ang in the UK
  4. Mike Baldwin in Wisconsin
  5. Nancy Bosecker in Illinois
  6. Seth Bokelman in Iowa
  7. Jason Bruns at Purdue
  8. Lorene "Orrey" Buttram at UTM
  9. Laurie Campbell in Etobicoke, Ontario
  10. Dennis Carlson in Florida
  11. Brent Carnegie at Nait
  12. Cassandra in Maryland
  13. Jack Chu at Stanford, keeper of the top ten lists
  14. Tiffany Clark in Ohio
  15. Kim Clark in San Diego
  16. Brian Clary in Florida
  17. David Clatfelter at UC Riverside
  18. Mr. Clean in Idaho
  19. Adi Cohen in Israel
  20. Katharine Croke in Philly
  21. David in the UK - he wrote some Friends scripts
  22. Angie Day in Whitby, Ontario
  23. Raymond DeJean in Louisiana
  24. John Dobbin in Washington, DC
  25. The MRD Zones by Mark R. Dore
  26. Victor Gajewski
  27. Imelda Garcia
  28. Larry Gariepy at Mississippi State
  29. Jacob Gunnell at U Kentucky
  30. Sasha Haghani in Toronto, Canada
  31. Charlene Hearn
  32. Jeff Hill in Orlando, Flordia
  33. Steve Huff at Northern Kentucky U
  34. Venkateshwar Reddy Jinna in Missouri
  35. Chuck Jordan in Norcross, GA
  36. George Kachulis's Friends and Associates
  37. Louis Kahn in San Francisco
  38. Jonathan Kemp in Atlanta
  39. Shelley Kennon in Norcross, GA
  40. Rohit Khare in Irvine, CA
  41. Daniel Kim in Amherst, MA
  42. Nathan Kling in Iowa
  43. Jeff Koga at The Underground in California
  44. David LeCompte in Cambridge, MA
  45. John Lee in Colorado
  46. Rich Lloyd in the UK
  47. John "Curmudge" MacLeod, Friends Zone Curmudgeonly Cartoonist
  48. Shyam Markus at UC San Diego
  49. Greg Martin at U Mich
  50. Nathan Masters in Anaheim
  51. Jarrod Matteson at Boston University
  52. Adam Messinger in Kansas
  53. John F. Meyer Jr. at Georgia Tech
  54. Julian Nam, the Official Bum of the Friends Zone
  55. Kristy Nelson in Virginia
  56. Duy Cuong Nguyen
  57. Sarah Packard in Michigan
  58. Paradox by Chris Johnston
  59. Amanda K. Paulette at Clemson
  60. Chrys Pelegris in Toronto
  61. R.A.G.E.M.A.N.
  62. Dylan Rhodes at Hercules
  63. Adam Richardson in California
  64. Adam Rifkin at Caltech
  65. Angela K. A. Robertson
  66. Meg Rowe at Virginia Tech - president of the Chandler Bing Drool Team
  67. Jason Rubenstein at U Illinois
  68. Sandro Sarang at U Texas
  69. George Sarlas at Northwestern
  70. Steve Schneider, writer of the COOL DOG TEDDY stories for children
  71. Ron L. Scott, Crapweasel Supreme
  72. secret asIAN man
  73. Carrie Sells
  74. Angela Serwetz at Plymouth State
  75. Dan Shernicoff at Vassar
  76. Dan Silverstein at USC
  77. Sherri Slotman at UMichigan
  78. Andy Sobryan in the UK
  79. Jenny Sposito at UC Berkeley
  80. Andy Stevens at UVa - also see his Guestbook
  81. Christina Stautland in Norway
  82. Rachel Stigge at Kansas State
  83. Bastiaan Stronks in the Netherlands
  84. Dean Takemori in Hawaii
  85. Rima Touma in San Jose
  86. Brent Tucker at Teleport
  87. David Uy in Glendale, Wisconsin
  88. Christopher Vitek
  89. Cathie Walker's Center for the Easily Amused
  90. Rob Warenda
  91. Tom Watson at U Va
  92. Kathy Weisensel in Rochester, NY
  93. Diana Whelan in Canada
  94. Tom Witelski at Caltech
  95. John "Highway" Wu at Maryland
  96. Pui Yee in England
  97. Khurram Zaheer at Boston University

Also check out my list of Cool Homepages on the Web.

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