Karma on the Web...

We don't just surf the Web; we make waves, too.

  1. A Page of Links to Check Everyday
  2. "A Thousand Points of Sites" (by Yuval Fisher of UCSD)
  3. Advertising Site of the Day (isn't commerce swell?)
  4. AdZe's Cosmic Site of the Night
  5. All-in-One Cool Sites Page
  6. All-in-One Internet Search
  7. Amdahl's Hot Topix list - current events and hot spots
  8. Awesome Lists - care of clark.net
  9. Awesome Sports Site of the Week
  10. Babes on the Web (and the rebuttal, followed by Babes on the Web II , with match point!) - For real female resources on the Web, check out Leslie's World O' Chicks , Cybergrrl , Webgrrls , FeMiNa , WWWomen , Women's Wire , YIL: Grrls Online , and Net Chick Clubhouse
  11. Bald Guy's MultiMedia Site of the week
  12. Best of the Web - or sample Best of the Web 1996 Best of the Net 1995 or Best of the Web 1994
  13. Blue Planet's Cool Site of the Day
  14. Book of Days by Book Stacks
  15. Bryan's Pointers Phile
  16. CANOE - Canadian Online Explorer
  17. Catch of the Day from BATech
  18. Celebrity Site of the Day
  19. Center for the Easily Amused - including Short Attention Span Site of the Week
  20. Charts Weekly HitsWorld by Todd Beaupre - featuring box office, TV, Billboard music, and books
  21. Children Pages
  22. City of Bits
  23. Click of the Week
  24. Conservative Site of the Day
  25. Cool Homestead of the Day by Beverly Hills Internet
  26. coolLiNks of the Day
  27. Cool Medical Site of the Week
  28. Cool Pet Site of the Day
  29. Cool Site of the Day at InfiNet
  30. Cool Word of the Day
  31. Creative Internet , including Asylum , Poll , Revolving Door , Search , Scratchpad, Lite-Board , Websurfer Handbook , and Funnies
  32. Cybertown 's Site of the Week
  33. Dave's Site Chock Full O'Random Links
  34. Deanna's World
  35. December's Collection of Internet Resources
  36. Design Lessons from the Best of the World Wide Web
  37. Dr. Webster's Web Site of the Day
  38. Duke Net's Web Site of the Week
  39. Dynamite Site of the Nite - also see The Stick
  40. Enhanced for Netscape Hall of Shame
  41. EntertainLink of the Week
  42. Essential Links
  43. Every Home Page in the World by Bob Allison
  44. Family World
  45. 5-Star Travel Site of the week
  46. Fortune City
  47. Freeside Virtual City at the eCafe
  48. Funky Site of the Day from Funky Times
  49. Gamer's Site of the Day
  50. Geek Site of the Day
  51. GENBBB Homepages List
  52. Gigaplex - the rad mag with EVERYTHING
  53. Global Awards
  54. GNN's Celebrity Hotlist
  55. GNN's Field Guide to Home Pages
  56. Golden N Awards and Barbara's Best Bookmark of the Day from Lightning Ridge Ranch Web Central
  57. Golden Nugget Pick of the Day
  58. Gorski's Cool Site of the Day
  59. Great Mathematicians of the World
  60. Green Eggs Report of URLs mentioned on the Usenet
  61. Groovy Site of the Day by Tabatha Holtz at Medius Communications
  62. Guild's Sites to be Reviewed
  63. Hall of Excellence
  64. Hall of Shame Netscape-Enhanced Homepages
  65. Harvest Information Discovery and Access System
  66. High Five Awards Page
  67. Home Page Directory in WWW Virtual Library
  68. Homepagers' Info and Commercial Mall
  69. Hot 100 Websites - updated weekly
  70. HotSite of the Nite
  71. Humorous Lists
  72. Information Supercollider
  73. Internet in a Baby
  74. Internet Music Resource Guide Hotsite of the Week
  75. Internet Resources Megalist (by Kevin Hughes at EIT)
  76. Internet TOURBUS
  77. Internet World monthly, but man do they have lots-o-links
  78. InterSex, the Point of No Return
  79. Josh's Sanctum
  80. Julie-Approved Site of the Day
  81. Justin's Links from the Underground
  82. Keepers of Lists
  83. KZSU's Underworld Industries (UWI) Cultural Playground - with a customizable What's Hot and What's Cool List
  84. Larry's World
  85. Life and How We All Live it
  86. Links R Us - Daily Fix from Glenn's Digital Den
  87. Loads a Links Site of the Week
  88. Lycos Catalog of the Internet
  89. Magellan Search Voyeur
  90. John S. Makulowich's The Awesome List
  91. Matt Wright's Free for All Link Page
  92. Mediocre Site of the Day (neither the top nor the bottom... I'm NOT making this up!)
  93. Mirsky's Worst of the Web (updated daily? how bored IS this guy?)
  94. MIT Community Homepages, from the blank to the baffling
  95. MIT's RandomWeb
  96. Movie History Today
  97. NetHead Rock - has a Music Site of the Day
  98. Net Legends (FAQ of net.gods, net.personalities, and net.loons)
  99. Net Life weekly humorous advice column
  100. Netscape Enhanced Pages by Harold Sasaki who also has a cool Top 10
  101. Netsurfer Digest
  102. NetWatch Top Ten Links
  103. Nielsen Observer's Guide to WWW for Media Professionals
  104. NII Awards
  105. Norby's User Hotlists
  106. Peter Norvig
  107. Notable Cyberspace Netbabes (how politically incorrect, but check out voxxen worx and webgrrls too, if you're into this sort of thang)
  108. Old Farmer's Almanac (care of New Jersey online)
  109. One Hundred Most Classic Guestbook Entries Ever
  110. Page Six by Gabriel M. Schuyler
  111. PC Week Navigator - with best home pages and site o the week
  112. PC Magazine's Top 100 Web Sites
  113. Personal Homepages of the Day
  114. Personal Pages Worldwide (from UTexas)
  115. Phrantic's Public Housing Project
  116. Planet Earth Inc
  117. Pocket Internet - an eclectic smattering
  118. Point Communications' Top 5% of the Web - not to mention the Bottom 95%
  119. Political Site of the Day
  120. Postmodern Distributed Consciousness Homepage
  121. Power Index from Web Communications
  122. Program One's Hall of Fame by Radio ONE
  123. Promote It!
  124. Qualis - the mark of quality on the Internet
  125. RedStar's Page of Net Personalities
  126. reive
  127. Rifkin 's Land o' Links
  128. Saber Awards from John Laroche's Saberspace
  129. Scenic Route
  130. Scout Report weekly Web updates
  131. Seeress' List of Pages Updated Daily - I'm not worthy! I'm not worthy!
  132. Sensemedia 's Survey List
  133. Sex Site of the Day
  134. Spider's Pick of the Day (and The Spider's Web)
  135. Sponsor of the Day
  136. Stamper's News Nuggets
  137. Starting Point Featured Hotsite
  138. Stoogenet Internet blunders
  139. Submit It
  140. Suck
  141. Synergy Solutions
  142. Technical Update of the Day by Popular Mechanics
  143. The Spot - or The Squat
  144. Too Cool School House Site of the Week
  145. Top Ten Ways to Tell if you Have a Sucky Home Page by Jeffrey Glover
  146. Trel Internet Product Finder
  147. Tribal Voice
  148. Typehouse Top 20 (or so)
  149. Undergraduate and Graduate Caltech CS Links
  150. URLS grepped from Usenet
  151. URouLette (by the KUCIA at Kansas)
  152. Useless WWW Pages by PaulP at Primus
  153. Virtual Office - includes Today, Information, Kids, Fun, Hospital, Business, and Shop
  154. Volition
  155. Voxers at Large
  156. Wave of the Day by Hit the Beach
  157. Wave of the Day The Winner's Circle
  158. Webaholics Top 50 Recent Recommendations
  159. Web as a Learning Tool by Connie Hatley
  160. webNews
  161. WebNexus
  162. Web Personals
  163. WebPointer's Cool Site of the Week
  164. Webrings
  165. Web's Edge (UnderWorld Industries' Cultural Playground)
  166. Websight
  167. "Werdna" - the omnipresent Andrew Tong at Caltech
  168. What's on TV tonight
  169. What's new (NCSA list)
  170. What's New Too
  171. What Snooz
  172. Wherefore Web
  173. Where the Girls Are
  174. Who's Cool in America Project
  175. Widow's Web
  176. WinMag/NetGuide Spot of the Day by Fred Langa
  177. World Birthday Web
  178. World of Interest
  179. WorldVillage interactive content
  180. "Wow, It's Big" Comprehensive HTTP Site List
  181. WWW Homepage Creation Center by The-Inter.net
  182. X Avenue , a mall for the X generation
  183. X Site of the Day
  184. XeNT's lair and the Robmeister
  185. Yahoo's Cool Links , Announcement Services , Site of the Day , and Picks of the Week
  186. Yahoo Internet Life and My Yahoo
  187. Yahoo X Site of the Day
  188. Yanoff's Internet Services List
  189. Yecch
  190. Yuckiest Site on the Internet
  191. The Zone

Surfing the Web...

Can I be at most a few degrees of separation from anyone else on the Web?

  1. *** People I Actually Know ***
  2. Aaron and Heidi (true love)
  3. Robert Lundemo Aas in Norway
  4. Jerry Ablan (foghead :)
  5. acb at Monash
  6. Al and Bean's Subject Lines
  7. Brandy Alexandre (it's really her!)
  8. Bob Allison at Gagme (you have to see it to believe it!)
  9. A.Nanomius at netcom (Nostradamus, the Antichrist, and human/alien channeling)
  10. Anima (forced to leave Pasadena?! the horror, the horror!)
  11. Anthill by Steff Watkins
  12. Anthony Boyd's Scream Press
  13. Arachnaut's Lair by Jim Hurley
  14. Liem Bahneman at U Washington
  15. Dawn Banks in Tampa, FL (a lover of butterflies, beaches, sunflowers, and chocolate...)
  16. Richard Barrette's Webaholics at Ohio University
  17. Pete Bastien at WPI (includes Art Deadlines List, Art/Culture in Boston, US First, film and video, and stuff)
  18. BeavisWeb
  19. Adam Beberg - Duncan's Home Page
  20. Matt "Zigg" Behrens
  21. Cozy Bendesky , textile artist
  22. Alex Bennett's World
  23. Ranjit Bhatnagar at U Penn
  24. biancaTroll productions
  25. Melissa Binde - outside the Asylum at Swarthmore
  26. Adam Bjornholm in Japan
  27. Linda Black - has her own link of the day
  28. Bodo's Lair
  29. Cody Bonaccolto is 3 and has ALL
  30. Boris' Photodelivery (pictures for everybody about anything in 24 hours!)
  31. Allan Bowhill (includes the American Reporter)
  32. Randy Braun's randyland
  33. Frank Z. Brill III at University of Virginia
  34. Amy Brown in Coral Springs, Florida
  35. Bruce's Guitar Page (a web page for musicians)
  36. Brumus Bear's Playhouse (what a perv)
  37. bsy's Home Sweet Home at Carnegie Mellon
  38. Bungee Bob's Bar and Grill
  39. Heather Rose Busby (how GOTH can you go?)
  40. Kristin Buxton in Oregon (a rollerblading FNORDian)
  41. William Calvin at U Dub , theoretical neurophysiologist by trade, talks of brains, evolution, and where we're heading
  42. Dr. Roger David Carasso, Founder of the Internet (with a cool Israel page, among other things...)
  43. Cass (whose writing skills I admire)
  44. CATT Computers and Technologies Theme at NCSU
  45. Celebrity Cafe
  46. Florent Chabaud in France (says the Robman)
  47. Heather Champ (webmistress at Design Systems)
  48. Chantelle at Ohio State
  49. Ming Chen at UMich - or see the exciting show if you have Netscape 1.1
  50. Chok-Eng Cheng in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
  51. Jim Clarage's netsam at Rice
  52. Abbe Cohen at MIT
  53. Coble's House at Iowa State
  54. Cool URLs (at CMU, where else?)
  55. Megan Kathleen Coughlin (figure out what the alpha and the omega mean...)
  56. Cate Corcoran at MacWeek
  57. Patrick Corcoran (heavy water)
  58. Lorrie Cranor at Washington University in Saint Louis
  59. Douglas Crockford - pass through the 403 error
  60. Preston Crow's Nest at Dartmouth
  61. Bill Curr , artiste
  62. CyberPark by Brent Hunter in San Francisco
  63. Cybersight Phlogistician's Corner
  64. Danfuzz's World
  65. Dan Wallach 's Cool Links (avoid those typing injuries with point and click! :)
  66. David B (with the cheapest way to make phone calls, send faxes or use the internet)
  67. David's Gothic Page
  68. Doug DeJulio at Pitt
  69. Rob DeLine at Carnegie Mellon
  70. Deoxyribonucleic Hyperdimension
  71. Ashleigh Doherty in outer space!!
  72. Mark-Jason Dominus' Universe of Discourse at UPenn
  73. John Donohue - CGI Perl examples and US National Park Photos
  74. Dragon Nest - George Xie at U British Columbia
  75. Drew's House o' Slack
  76. DTF Homepage in Sweden
  77. Eclipse's Web Warren
  78. Rob Elliott at Indiana
  79. Email Club
  80. Enos, Italian Artist
  81. Entropy 8
  82. Raven Victoria Erebus
  83. Glenn Escudero
  84. Event Horizon
  85. Karen Capri Fabrizius at Carnegie Mellon
  86. Chuck Farnham's Weird World (sex in space?)
  87. Sarah Noelle Pratt Ferguson in Mocha Chai (I caln feel the caffeine coursing through her veins...)
  88. Ross Finlayson
  89. Tom Finley (he hates America Online !)
  90. Friends of the TV Show Friends
  91. Frog Farm
  92. Dave Futrell's dimFLASH
  93. Future Pirates in Japan
  94. Greg Galcik's Spinnwebe
  95. Generality Home Page
  96. Anwar Mohammed Ghuloum at Carnegie Mellon
  97. John Gilmore at Cygnus
  98. Glassdog
  99. Glass Wings
  100. Glover
  101. Glubby
  102. George Goble at Purdue (fire! fire! fire!)
  103. Terra Goodnight (Queen Hussy of the Web) in DC
  104. Ben Grantham at KSU
  105. Green Day Fans on the Web
  106. Philip Greenspun at MIT AI (wielding his camera...)
  107. Brian Guy
  108. Bonni Hall - an all around sweet unicorn
  109. Justin Hall at Swarthmore College (Links from the Underground)
  110. Jacqueline Hamilton in Texas (if only she could get paid to MOO)
  111. Scott Hamilton at Grinnell College (includes FNORD)
  112. Jonathan Hardwick at Carnegie Mellon
  113. Harrison , caretaker of African bullfrogs
  114. Haters' Page at Heidelberg
  115. Michael Hauben at Columbia - Guide to Netizens, NYC, and Music, plus I'm in his bookmarks ... somewhere...
  116. Peter Hawkins in Monash, Australia (what does pulchritudinous mean?)
  117. Russell "Vincant" Hay at NSULA
  118. Julia Hayden at University of Virginia
  119. Hazard Zone UK
  120. Larry Hieb's Links to the Web (an excellent starting point for novies, with Netscape)
  121. Patrick J. Hennessey at KSU
  122. Don Hopkins at Kaleida
  123. Henry Houh at MIT
  124. How to Tell if Your Head's About to Blow Up
  125. Rhese Hoylman at Texas Networks
  126. David Hughes in Virginia (an Internet journalist!)
  127. IBAchan's World in Japan (with a cool self-organizing dictionary )
  128. Imagex Design (graphics gurus)
  129. Doug Ingram at U Washington
  130. Internet Island (off of Hawaii; you know a better place to surf? ;)
  131. Gordon Irlam <-- a marvellous guy with a marvellous site!
  132. John Jacobsen's Strange Interactions in Wisconsin
  133. Jade Dragon's Lair
  134. Brenda Janish at Interaccess (lotsa WWW icons, and HCI too!)
  135. Samson Jayeola in Finland
  136. jbay (truly amazing stuff, even more amazing with Netscape 1.1)
  137. Mike Jittlov's Web Page of Speed and Time
  138. John's Sanctum
  139. William S. Kartalopoulos at Dartmouth
  140. kclarke@ccnet
  141. Keri
  142. Karma LapElectronic
  143. Kibo (kibos and bits! kibos and bits!)
  144. Kingsway VR adventure
  145. Kirin at UT Austin
  146. Douglas Krause at UC Irvine
  147. Blake Kritzberg in Colorado
  148. Sho Kuwamoto's Lunch Server at Purdue
  149. Kawika Laine (JaBBa)
  150. Ken Lang at Carnegie Mellon
  151. Jen Laurie at Notre Dame
  152. John Leavitt at Carnegie Mellon
  153. Patrick Lee at U Washington
  154. Wei-Yeh "Panda" Lee's Bamboo Forest at Columbia University
  155. Laura Lemay in Redwood City (quite a writer)
  156. Liza's House of Erotic Massage
  157. Sir Lou in San Francisco
  158. Lozinski in Vermont
  159. Steve Mack's smacks
  160. John S. Makulowich's The Awesome List
  161. Marika in Sweden
  162. Mark's Homepage in UK (includes the Soup Dragon Search Page)
  163. MAR's Mantelpiece
  164. Marshmellow Peanut Circus at Santa Cruz
  165. Jim Matheson at CSU Chico
  166. John "FuzzFace" McMahon at Yoyodyne
  167. Meaningless Drivel
  168. Metalhead (defcon, anyone?)
  169. Mike's world (way cool java scripts)
  170. Mircosoft Hate Page (miRCosoft!?)
  171. MISC. World HQ
  172. Mkgray's List of Cool Stuff on the Web
  173. Michelle Morin in Kansas City
  174. Tara Morrison in Hampshire (no exit, Garbage, Angelfish, Tori, PJ, Hole, and television...)
  175. Jennifer Myers at Northwestern (knows all kinds of Unix and Perl tricks, and has cool resources for grad students, too)
  176. Julian Nam at Andrews
  177. Tor Neilands in Texas
  178. Jim Newton -- likes the clever mathematical poetry!
  179. Chris Neuman in Alberta
  180. Jason Newquist at UC Davis, Swedish Chef (bjork?) presents WEBSURF!
  181. Jeff Nuckles (CU? See me!)
  182. Orange Room at Notre Dame, by Mike W. Miller
  183. Bryan O'Sullivan in Glasgow, Scotland
  184. Ovi's World of the Bizarre
  185. Terri Palmer
  186. Rajiv Pant (Betul) in Philadelphia (lots of great India links!)
  187. Jane "J-ko" Patterson's Der Hyperspielplatz at Willamette
  188. Paul at Prairienet
  189. Pearl Jam fans on the Web
  190. Marc Perkel (has many intelligent views)
  191. Pete and Bernie's Philosophical Web Page
  192. Pete's Compendium of Knowledge
  193. Vincent Pillet in Catalunya, Spain
  194. Planet Schmooze
  195. Baby Pullka, Youngest Person on the Web
  196. Putrid Afterthought
  197. QuarkWeb at U Washington
  198. Roland Rabien at U Vic
  199. Dragomir Radev at Columbia University
  200. Adam Radulovic with his top 10 Netscape enhanced list
  201. Ram Samudrala 's Ram-blings - worth your time!
  202. Ari Rapkin at Carnegie Mellon
  203. Real Life by Dav Amann at Stanford (cyberartiste)
  204. Rei at MIT
  205. reiveland
  206. Jared Rhine at Harvey Mudd College
  207. Dylan Rhodes at Hercules
  208. Heather Richards at La Tech
  209. Rick at UT Austin (Beavis and Butt-head Poll)
  210. Christopher Ritter's Beatnik Cafe - Corduroy's Coffeehouse
  211. Rob's Multimedia Lab at UIUC ACM
  212. Kim Rollins in Seattle (who has an HTML peeve or two)
  213. Rick Sacks in Toronto
  214. Marty Salo at Florida State
  215. Harold Sasaki (The man. The myth. The corporation. ;)
  216. Cabel Sasser at USC (does, like, Netscape pay him or something?)
  217. Ron L. Scott
  218. Scottland virtual world
  219. Susan Scruton's Eclectic Sprawl
  220. Phoebe Sengers at Carnegie Mellon and her WWW house
  221. Serenity's Place by Barbara Sherman
  222. Shane's Happy Crappy page
  223. John Shelley's Garden Center and Nursery
  224. Morrisa Stanfield Sherman (a very good egg)
  225. Dave Siegel's Vestibule (includes resources for women, Web typography, High 5 awards, story writing on the Web - truly an awesome site to see)
  226. Benjamin Sittler at New Mexico Tech
  227. Jon Slenk at CMU
  228. Kerry Smith at NC State (links to Animaniacs)
  229. Spatula City by Stefan Twoflower Gagne at Maryland
  230. The Spew by Thor and Mileena
  231. Stan the Man
  232. Chris Stephens' World at VCU
  233. Ray Stewart (a 77-year-old on the Web???)
  234. Stomping Grounds of Michael Woolf
  235. Steve Stout (riding the wav's)
  236. Stuart the Maniac (a vibrant CBLF whose passion is the composition of DMS's)
  237. Stupidity (at UVa, imagine)
  238. Jonathan Tabb Sullivan in New Hampshire
  239. Sumeria in Melbourne, Australia (guide to things alternative)
  240. Susan at Lupine
  241. Wolfi Taumann in Nurenberg
  242. Charles Thayer, research bum at Columbia University
  243. Sarah Timko (building the perfect surfboard)
  244. Daniel Tobias (Homolka, Pornography, Tiffany, Top Hits Online)
  245. Julianne Tolson at SFSU (Includes Secret Garden and Background texture gallery :)
  246. Tom's World
  247. Michelle Tribe at Carleton (does your mom know you're here?)
  248. Stephen Turner in England
  249. Brian Upton at UNC Chapel Hill, wif nekkid wimmin 'n everything!!!
  250. Vampyr's Box of Roses
  251. Christiaan van Woudenberg (has quite a piercing page)
  252. Virtual Doghouse of Just Will-Dog at USC
  253. The Void at Carnegie Mellon
  254. Voidmeister
  255. Greg Volkar at UVa
  256. Seth Vore at U Idaho
  257. Rick Walter
  258. David Walker Ain't Whistlin' Dixie
  259. Sean Ware's Bingo Pajama at Loyola U of Chicago
  260. Warwick's Place (nutscape enhanced, urg; cool icons, though)
  261. Yuzo Watanabe at Carnegie Mellon
  262. Julia Weatherby in Austin, Texas (a woman with a plan)
  263. Lucy Webb at Dartmouth
  264. Wednesday (alt.abuse.transcendence)
  265. Wendee's World
  266. Why AOL Sucks (like you need reasons...)
  267. Andrew Williams in Portland, Oregon (may his apples always shine)
  268. Kirsten Williams at UVa
  269. Tom Wilson in DC
  270. Winner's World of Psychedelia
  271. Meng Weng Wong at U Penn
  272. Gregory Woodhouse
  273. World Transformation Project
  274. Jamie Zawinski, Programmed for Consumption (his office is definitely cooler than mine)
  275. Kenny Zalewski at RPI (Madonna lyrics and hockey ref)
  276. Kristian Marc Zoerhoff at Michigan Technological University

From Rifkin's List of Links, adam at xent dot com
Last modified: Thu Apr 2 16:52:10 PST 1998
All these links at one time worked. If you discover one that either is deceased or moved (or if you have suggestions), please email me.