Adam Rifkin: People I Know

Buds across the Web

  1. Bob Allison (You have to see his page to believe it!)
  2. Anima (forced to leave Pasadena?! the horror, the horror!)
  3. Wayne Baisley (pain is inevitable; suffering is optional)
  4. Mark Baker (will distribute business objects for food, so start reading)
  5. Joseph Barrera III
  6. Todd Beaupre (Has excellent taste in charts and music)
  7. Daniel Buckholz (Also has excellent taste in music)
  8. Kristin Buxton (Rollerblader, fnording, and *nod*, plus a comfy couch... we had a Green Day together...)
  9. Tim Byars (producer, consultant, available contract basis, or permanent position)
  10. Stuart Cheshire ( it's the latency, stupid!)
  11. Andrew Clute (Tilt!!)
  12. Dan Connolly (just about the smartest person I know)
  13. Megan Kathleen Coughlin ( not getting older, just getting bitter)
  14. Shalini Julia Corzine (What a babe!!)
  15. Creative Internet Design (They are simply brilliant people! Aure and Joe are heroes of mine, too... :)
  16. Donald Dabdub (ask him to see his poker face...)
  17. Cara DeCarlo (Green Day!!)
  18. Dobbin ( the gambler and hoophead and laserdiscer who has a life of his own )
  19. Duck (anybody want to buy a VW deadhead van?)
  20. Frog Farm (freedom!)
  21. Michael Fox (WQAQ)
  22. C.S. Fuqua and Friends (a resourceful writer)
  23. Gary ( Cool Radio Stations!!, Y-107)
  24. Raf Handian
  25. Erin Harty (who knows that horses are highest on the karma chain)
  26. Heather Hoffman (Interbang!)
  27. Van Hong (Sleeper and Elastica!!)
  28. HD Hunter (very smart, and very opinionated, too)
  29. Gordon Irlam (An amazing fellow; call me a Foghead , i.e., Friend of Gordon)
  30. Chad Jackson (Joe Public and Right Said Fred)
  31. Brenda Janish (Shared Jessica Rabbit with me, plus has lotsa WWW icons, and HCI too!)
  32. John A Johnson (Knows a lot about life)
  33. Steve L. Johnson (who mentions me for luck)
  34. Tommy Keiger (likes Pinhead Gunpowder, and made me a rockin' tape of dookies)
  35. Rohit Khare (C'est, the pusher)
  36. Joseph Kiniry (Thinking about distributed Java )
  37. Dan Leonard (we went to high school together, and his musical tastes are keen!)
  38. Matt Levine (he's hip and he has a weekly top 50)
  39. Chri$ L! (I wish he heard more radio)
  40. Michelle Ling at SDSU (A really nice person)
  41. Liquidative Zone (writes the songs that make the whole world sing)
  42. Philip Merrill (Father of Gray and Carbon, and soon-to-be novel writer)
  43. Jason Miller (Just about the coolest guy on the planet, and the world's biggest Green Day fan)
  44. Nelson Minar (an agent of change)
  45. Neil Morgenstern in the UK (A chartmeister)
  46. Rob Perelman (Keeper of San Diego Rocks!)
  47. Matt Pharr (graphics-man)
  48. Robbie Po (the Poman cometh!)
  49. Ari Rapkin (A master of wordplay, Costume design, and HCI. She *always* cheers me up; it's really difficult to explain anything else about our relationship.)
  50. Ron Resnick
  51. Greg Roelofs (Primary UnZip author)
  52. the Rugburns (A rilly rilly awesome rock group from San Diego)
  53. Amy Ryan (We *almost* rollerbladed)
  54. Saberspace (Knows HTML like the back of his hand)
  55. Ram Samudrala (His Ram-blings are worth your time!)
  56. Sangeeta (a sister of the night...)
  57. Harold Sasaki (He *is* his own com site)
  58. Charlie Sauer (CTO of World.Hire.Com )
  59. Shilpa Shukla (she's lived in 14 places so far...)
  60. Lilly Tao / Seth Golub (a wonderful couple!)
  61. Daniel Tobias (Homolka, Pornography, Tiffany, Top Hits Online)
  62. Tone Deaf Teens (Hear the music!)
  63. we3kings (gutterBoy's a compact disc junkee)
  64. Phil Wherry (100% fact-free)
  65. Elizabeth Wong (She's so punk it blows my mind!)
  66. Zoe Wood (a vegetarian who recycles and will never marry...)
  67. Zaven (Knows Green Day...)

Lists of Buds across the Web

  1. Cool Homepages
  2. Fans of the rock group Green Day
  3. Fans of the rock group Pearl Jam
  4. Fans of the TV show Friends

Voxers at Large

  1. Aaron ( Gen-X listowner)
  2. Alster (Wish I worked there...)
  3. Ankh
  4. Barton (Knows how many men cried during the anal rape scene of Pulp Fiction; and apparently is making me a web primadonna , whatever that is!)
  5. Brendon
  6. Cass (A wizard with the written word)
  7. dolphin
  8. drow
  9. Eppie (do I hear her soul coughing?)
  10. jbay (Worthy of cult status)
  11. Kadvocat
  12. Melissa (nutritionally irrelevant)
  13. meta
  14. nihilis
  15. reive
  16. Rothko (queen of caffeine)
  17. Sir Lou (Just about the coolest Web page in the history of creation)
  18. Sorabji (Let's just say he adores Netscape extensions)
  19. sorel
  20. Void (We had falafel together...)
  21. Voxxen


  1. Eve Andersson (Used to be Rohit's next door neighbor; now has her own cult )
  2. Zehra Cataltepe (Can't get enough of Calvin and Hobbes!)
  3. James Cook (soon to be an ophthalmologist)
  4. Greg Davis (A maze ing)
  5. Zuzanna Dobes
  6. Tom Finley (He hates America Online !)
  7. Rob Harley (Former office-mate and flatmate, now keeper of the book )
  8. Rohit Khare (My favorite attention deficit disorder junkie; his Caltech tuition used to pay my stipend ; anti alias time waster )
  9. Maralee La Barge (everything's coming up roses)
  10. Rustan Leino (His kids call out my name... ;)
  11. Rajit Manohar (Mmmm... chocolate...)
  12. Daniel Maskit (The honorable)
  13. Berna Massingill (Who introduced me to the joys of Dilbert )
  14. Nathan Mates (Quite humorous )
  15. Mark Meloon (Likes female bodybuilders)
  16. Mika Nystrom (I love his hat)
  17. Ernie Prabhakar ( artiste)
  18. Mack Rhinelander (Poker? I hardly know her...)
  19. Marc Rieffel (We share an office, or rather, I use his desk...)
  20. Eve Schooler (I could learn a lot from her, if only I'd keep my door open...)
  21. Paul Sivilotti (Makes a mean Tiramisu)
  22. John Thornley (I hear his accent as I read his pages)
  23. George X. Torres (big beyond belief)
  24. Jessica Walton (master of the genie)
  25. Peter Wang (Spends more time on his Web pages than me)
  26. Tom Zavisca (A basketball star!)
  27. Dan Zimmerman (Go, Roxette !)

William and Mary

  1. Doug Austin (Say it ain't snow!)
  2. Ted A'Zary (Head of the alum underground...)
  3. Tracey Allen Beauchat (We've swapped graveyard stories)
  4. Matt Brooks (We're related, you know :)
  5. Anna Brunstrom (The tennis goddess)
  6. Kendall Bullen (*snicker*)
  7. Tracy Camp (ask about Scully and Mulder)
  8. Derek Cashman (A brother from ODU)
  9. Brian Caton (what time is it? 4:30...)
  10. Lisa Covi (Now in Irvine...)
  11. Dave Finberg at MIT
  12. Rumman Gaffur in Britain (Loves to listen to Butt Trumpet)
  13. Daniel M. Germān at U Waterloo (Includes Mexico pages)
  14. Stamos Karamouzis at NASA Langley (Includes AI directory)
  15. John Karro at UVa (Has more littles than me!?! How can that be???)
  16. John Klassa in the Triangle (has a good looking daughter...)
  17. Matt McIrvin (physics guru)
  18. Rance Necaise
  19. Luiz Felipe Perrone
  20. Subhas Roy (The man, the myth, the legend... the *starter* of MsgList)
  21. John "Highway" Wu (A brother from Maryland)
  22. Elizabeth "Emy" Yow (Who taught me a great deal about life)
  23. Evan Zweifel

Gen-X and ASGX

  1. Chris Allen
  2. Keith Ammann (Geenius at Wrok)
  3. Margy Berkowitz
  4. Linda Burchfield
  5. Timothy Burke
  6. David Broudy at USC
  7. Ann "Legends of Lois" Clark (born with a silver screen in her house)
  8. Samantha Crouse (with her secret garden)
  9. brad daly (i have a deep, deep love for this man :)
  10. Elizabeth Daniels (A Kiwi with a heart of gold)
  11. Cynthia Donovan
  12. Dragon (Would you, could you, in a train?)
  13. Wendi Dunlap (Slumberland in Seattle)
  14. Maren Eliason
  15. Flash
  16. Devin Ganger
  17. Bill Ginn (how far would you travel to see Pearl Jam?)
  18. Terra Goodnight (Basketball and Web junkee, now in DC )
  19. Brian Heath (A fine, fine journalist)
  20. Honger
  21. Jagwire
  22. Douglas Lathrop (The boy can write)
  23. Nancy Lopez in New Mexico
  24. Bobby Malone (It's phryday, I'm in love.)
  25. Mardi Gras '96!
  26. Krish Menon
  27. Michelle Morrell (Diet cokehead; with pictures )
  28. Devin Pike
  29. Spamily - Emily Way (An American in Canada)
  30. George Stark (Hangs out at surfers )
  31. Brandi Weed
  32. Iron Will (He likes cheese?)
  33. Britain Woodman

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